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Igniting Ministry is the Television and Welcoming Ministry of The United Methodist Church. Through Igniting Ministry, the denomination now has a presence in the national television media, the center of U.S. culture. That presence in national television media drives Igniting Ministry and urges us to have welcoming congregations. It raises awareness of who we are, creates a willingness to attend, and offers easier paths of personal invitation. It begins the process of creating an image for The United Methodist Church in the eyes of those we want to reach with a message of hope.

Welcoming Resources: Churches can make the most of the ads by enhancing the culture of welcoming, inviting, and discipling, by using Igniting Ministry

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Igniting Ministry,United Methodist Communications810 12th Avenue South, PO Box 320 Nashville, TN 37202-0320 toll-free: 877-281-6535; fax: 615.742.5777 www.ignitingministry.org


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